Jigsaw technique is one of the cooperative learning strategy

Jigsaw Technique

     Jigsaw technique is one of the activities in the cooperative learning. In cooperative learning, students cooperate with their friends to discuss the topic they study, but when the students are given to study their own topic, it is the danger because the students tend only to study their own topic and the students do not want to study their friends topic. Jigsaw is one of the method which is able to solve this problem. Slavin (2005: 111) said that Jigsaw includes a procedure where by students share information they have gathered with their group mates and with the other group mate in the class. Students are quizzed on all topics and the quiz scores are averaged to form team scores. So, if the team wants to be successful, the team members must not only accomplish their sub tasks but also do a good job of sharing information with their team mates.

      In addition, Slavin (2005: 122) stated that jigsaw is one of group work or cooperative activities which are applicable in the teaching reading comprehension. It is one type of the simplest method of cooperative learning. It is developed by Elliot Aronson at the University of California. This is the way to give stimulus for the students to be motivated to learn so that they will be able to read better and get better achievement. Teaching reading will be easier because this way asks the students to be active in the class. They will be in the team consisting of various good students and poor students. Each team consist of 5-6 students who will study together to get better achievement in the form of individual improvement scores after taking the individual quiz. Every member in a team should be responsible for her/his own material to the member of his/her own team. The figure of Jigsaw technique can be seen as follows:

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The Advantages of Jigsaw Technique

There are some advantages of Jigsaw technique. They are:

  • There is the opportunity  for students to teach themselves instead of having material  presented them.
  • Students have practiced it in self-teaching which is the most valuable of the entire skill teacher can help them learn.
  • It makes the students more fluently in the use of English.
  • Students have a chance to contribute meaningfully to discuss something which is difficult to achieve in large group discussion..
  • Asking every group to discuss a follow-up question after individual presentation fosters real discussion.

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