Numbered Head Together Method

Numbered Head Together Method

     One of cooperative learning methods that is applied in schools is Numbered Head Together Method. By using NHT technique will give the students the opportunity to share their ideas and their opinion about the appropriate answer. Numbered Head Together method is one of those nine methods. NHT is a method of learning where each student was given a number and then made a random group of teachers and then calls the number of students. There are a number of variations on the method, some are very simple and others with a greater degree of complexity. This structure is able to be used in conjunction with “Think, Pair, and Share‟ early in the development of the Co-operative Classroom learning with spellings. Numbered Head Together method has several advantages: (1) each students to be readies all, (2) may conduct discussion seriously, and (3) student who are smart can teach the less intelligent students.

     Numbered Heads Together technique is cooperative learning which is focusing on the students’ cooperation in a group to reach the learning objectives. Each students divide into small group and they should learn about the material that has been decided. The purpose of making a group is to give the opportunity to the students so that they involve actively in teaching and learning process. It means that most of the activities in learning activities are students centered, that is learning material and discussing for getting the solution of the problem.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Numbered Head Together Method

      Every methods of teaching learning process have advantages and disadvantages. NHT technique also has both of them. Hamsa (2009: 2) states that NHT technique can make the students ready to do the task, give andn answer question the students can discuss the material that is studied and there are cooperation between the students who has more ability with the student who has less ability. However, he also says that this technique is not suitable for the class that have many students because it needs much time and the teacher cannot call all of the members to give or answer question. Therefore, to scope the problem, the researcher should continue the discussion in the next meeting.
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