What is Drilling Technique ?

 What is Drilling Technique ?
- Drilling is one of Teaching Language Techniques which is used in foreign language classrooms for many years. The repeatation drill is a technique which is still used by many teachers to teach new language. It is one of audio lingual approaches to teach which is placed emphasis on repeating structural patterns through oral practices. the definition of drilling technique is  listening to a model, provided by a teacher, a tape or another student, and repeating what is listened.The teacher says (models) the word or phrase and the students repeat it. Some types of Drilling technique are substitution drills, or question and answer drills.Substitution drills are able to be used to practice different structures or vocabulary items (one or more words change during the drill).
Prompt: 'I go to work. He?'~
Response: 'He goes to work.'
    In question and answer drills is a question and the response the answer. This is used for practicing common adjacency pairs such as 'What's the matter?', 'I've got a (toothache') or 'Can I have a (eraser) please?', 'Of course.' The words can be substituted during the drill. In all drills technique, the learners have no or very little choice over what is said so drills are a form of very controlled practice. There is only one correct answer and the main focus is on 'getting it right' such as on accuracy. Drills are usually conducted chorally (i.e. the whole class repeats) then individually. There is also the possibility of groups or pairs of students who are doing language drills together

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The use of drilling

    Drilling is useful to learn a new language. For the students and teachers each have different functions as follow bellow:

a.    For the students drilling are able to :

•    It provides for a focus on accuracy. It is one of the ways in which a learner's language improves so It is a need to focus on accuracy at certain stages of the lesson.
•    It provides learners with intensive practice in hearing and saying particular words or phrases. So it is able to help learners to get their tongues around difficult sounds and they can imitate intonation that may be rather different from that of their first language.
•    It provides a safe environment for learners to experiment with producing the language. It may help building confidence particularly among learners (the students who are not risk-takers).
•    It helps students notice the correct form or pronunciation of a word or phrase. Noticing or consciousness rising of language is an important stage in developing language competence.
•    It provides an opportunity for learners to get immediate feedback on their accuracy in terms of teacher or peer correction. Many learners want to be corrected.
•    It helps memorization and automization of common language patterns and language chunks. This may be particularly true for aural learners.

b.    For the teacher, drills are able to:

•    Drilling can help the teachers in terms of classroom management, enabling us to vary the pace of the lesson or to get all learners involved.
•    It helps us recognize if new language is causing problems in terms of form or pronunciation.

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