What is Pair Work Strategy ?

     What is Pair Work Strategy ?
There are many strategies in teaching-learning class. One of them is Pair Work strategy.  Pair work strategy is dividing the whole class into pairs. Every student’s work with his or her partner and all the pairs work at the same time. The strategy is closed related with or it can be called contextual teaching and learning strategy, where the student directly involved in learning namely by relating whatever the learned with the context in their real live for example daily activity, family life, fashion, friendship etc. Pair work is an important component of the communicative approach, and is also a form of collaborative or cooperative learning strategy which is working with one or more peers to obtain feedback, pool information or a model a language activity. Pair work means students collaborate  with  their  partners  to  accomplish  tasks  and  reach  its  aim. Working in pairs can help  to  promote interaction between the learners and as a result that it will increase their interest. We know that Positive  attitudes  and  motivation are  related  to  success  in  second  language  learning.It can be concluded that holding an oral work is really essential to be done by the teacher. There are a lot of advantages which can make the students achieve some skills such like in speaking, reading also writing.

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 Procedure of Pair Work Strategy

Pair work is a learning activity which involves learners to work together in pairs. It means that every students works with his or her partner and all the pairs work at the same time. In teaching speaking by using pair work can create the new idea and the students enjoy speaking English. And procedures of teaching speaking using pair work strategy are:

  •     Make a list of names before the lesson starts or while the student are coming in, or just tell them when the time comes (one group consist of two persons)
  •     The teacher gives the material which will be discussed with his or her partner.
  •     The student start to make conversation and the students create the new idea what they want to use in their own language.
  •     The teacher asks the leader of each group to make summaries about what they decide in the conversation.

     In pairs, students practice their listening and speaking skills.  Students is divided into pairs and take turns into speaking, listening, and retelling information in timed steps. This strategy can be used in many different ways.  It is used as a method for students to consolidate their understanding when they are reading about a topic.  Also It is able to used to review class material and help students to develop their study skills, and to practice new vocabulary terms for any science unit.

The purposes of pair work strategy are:

  •     Enhance critical thinking skills.
  •     Make connections between written and oral skills.
  •     Briefly consolidate or reinforce learning.

     By applying pair work strategy, students will develop a strategy that can be used to learn and review content material in science, share ideas, develop listening and speaking skills, share responsibility for reviewing with each other, develop note-taking skills, and talk their way into meaning and understanding through verbal rehearsal.

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The Advantages and the Disadvantages Pair Work Strategy

     Choosing different ways of organizing the class depends on many things, for example; the activity, level of students, the teacher, subject matter and soon. The advantages of pair work strategy will be very usefull to know, knowing the advantages and disadvantages can encourage the students’s speaking skill in improving their English ability and it will be explain below:

The Advantages

  • More language practice
  • Give the students far more chance to speak English.
  • The students are more involved
  • Working in pair encourages student to be more involved and to concentrate on the task.
  • The student feels secure
  • The student feels less anxiety when they working privately then when they are on show in front of the whole class. Pair work can help the shy student who would never say anything in a whole class activity
  • The students help each other
  • Pair work encourages student to share the ideas and knowledge.
  • The learners will have more opportunities to use the language.
  • Students in pairs get the chance to interact frequently with the language and to express their ideas
  • This strategy could increase the learners get to speak in the target language during lessons amount of time

The Disadvantages

  • Noise
  • Pair work in a large class will be noisy, and this cannot be helped but:
  • Usually the students don't feel disturbed by the noise;  but it is more noticeable to the teachers standing at the side or to someone in the next room.
  • The noise is created by pair work is usually good noise-student using English, are engaged in a learning task
  • The student makes mistake during a pair activity, the teacher cannot control all the language which is used, and should not try to do something. When doing controlled language practice in pair the number f mistakes can be reduced:
  • By giving enough preparation. The activity can be done with the whole class first, and pair work which is used for the final stage.
  • By checking afterward. The teacher can ask some pairs what they said, and then correct mistakes if necessary.
  • Difficult to control class
  • Teachers have less control over what students doing in pair work then a normal class
  • Give clear instruction about when the time to start, what to do and when the time to stop
  • Give clearly defined tasks which do not continue too long
  • Set up a routine, so the student accept the idea of working in pairs and know exactly what to do
  • Working in pairs  can  be a problem when  some  students  interact  with  peers  who  are linguistically weaker than them.

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