What is PPP Technique?

    What is PPP Technique?
Speaking is one of the language skills that should be taught beside the others skills. Speaking is regarded as a productive skill, it aims at assisting student in expressing their spoken idea. Speaking is completely useful for the daily communication. The students can exchange the knowledge among other abroad students when they can communicate well.This skill is important for success in learning a language, because it is one of the abilities to carry out the conversation that will connect to every purpose of human being. Speaking also has to be mastered by students in learning a foreign language like English. It is caused by the English becomes international language and first foreign language in Indonesia. In this era, Learning English is really important and needed for all the students. They not only understand the meaning but also have ability in speaking English.

      Speaking can be concluded that it is a crucial part of second language learning and teaching. However, speaking skill is considered difficult. It is observed from the students’ ability to communicate in English that the students’ difficulties in speaking are caused by a number of factors. According to Zhang in Samira (2014;23) says that “speaking remains the most difficult skill to master for the majority of English learners, and they are still incompetent in communicating orally in English”. The factors of students difficulties in speaking skill are fear of making mistakes, fear of being laughed by their friends and less confidence of their own ability. Then their difficulties are in expressing their ideas in English. They feel ashamed or afraid when speak up and communicate in English. In other hand, students should master several speaking components, such as: comprehension, pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, and fluency. What the teachers do is they have to help the students to overcome this problem by motivating them to speak. It means that the teacher should use the effective teaching methods to encourage the students to take part in every activity and the teaching-learning process should involve interaction.

Presentation Practice Production advantages

       Teaching speaking should be taught in attractive and communicative activities.There are many methods and strategy which can be used by the teacher in teaching, specially, in speaking. The use of English teaching methods and approaches must be know by the English teachers.  It is very important for the teacher to know and apply in their teaching learning process. Because the teacher has to make their teaching learning process be active, creative, and innovative to solve the problems stated before. A good teacher must have ability to choose the most appropriate method to make the students be active in learning process of language. That's why the English teacher should be able to apply appropriate a method and a strategy of teaching speaking properly. Presentation Practice and Production Technique is one of communicative teaching technique which can build and make the students active in learning speaking. According to Harmer (2009:64), presentation practice and production is a method that is widely used in teaching simple language at lower levels. Harmer adds that there is a general consensus that PPP Technique is just one method among many, not taking into consideration other ways of learning. However, we believe that once the lesson is finished and the students have achieved its aim,and they are having been able to produce language in a meaningful way, it means that the English Teaching method was successful and effective, and only then will the teacher feel that learning has really taken place.

Presentation, Practice, and Production steps

      According to Willis in Maftoon and Sarem (2012;31) There are three procedures of PPP method    (1) “Presentation” is the first step.In this step, the teachers introduce the topic to the students, and the students start to build their own understanding about the topic given by the teacher. And presentation has way to present which are : meaningful, memorable, and realistic.(2) “Practice” This stage is taking on the student’s performance after the first step,  the students develop all the concepts which is related. All activities has to be focused on promoting the student’s motivation. There are many choices i this step included Chain pair-work, Closed pair-work, and Open pair-work. (3) “Production” is the most important aspect, to know the level of student’s comprehension, as well as the results which will demonstrate the student’s capabilities to produce more personalized language. And for the product activities are: Situational role-plays, Debates, Discussions, Problem-solving, etc.

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